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Around Queensbury North

Again the exercise value far outweighed the birding. Soil Hill was barren so that's a blank I can claim if I ignore a Crow I heard. 15 Fieldfare & c200 Starling were down Taylor Lane. 12 Common Gull & c80 Starling were in Old Guy Road where a distant Mistle Thrush was heard singing.
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Ogden to Mixenden

A very cold bright moaning. The walking was enjoyable in the majority of birdless patches while the birding was reasonable in the one patch they were in. Ogden Res: Numerous small gulls. 6 Goldfinch, 1 Jay, 9/10 LTT, 1 Stock Dove. A few Gt & Blue Tit, couple Chaffinch. Mixenden Res: least said the better.

Ogden to Mixenden

Cold and mainly dry with a couple of sleet showers The walk was worth it at the expense of the birds. Ogden was full of small gulls. The Goosander were still present. I think the woodland birds were trialling extinction; a pr of noisy Jay being the exception. Mixenden Res: 1 f Goosander & several gulls. Elsewhere: Barn Owl, plural.

Ogden Downpour

It's been a long while since I got this soaked and I hope it's even longer before I take another shower with clothes on. There were enough birds around to make it bearable, just. A pr Goosander , 2 Jay, 1 GSW. 1 singing Mistle Thrush. I got my first Kingfisher of the year on the W bank. 1 Greenfinch & 8/9 Siskin as per BS of 19th Jan. A mobile Tit Flock included 6 LTT. Gulls were greatly reduced to c25 small species.  I couldn't face Mixenden for more deluge delight. 1 Owl lifted the spirits but not half as much as I'll lift a bottle tonight๐Ÿธ๐Ÿ‘…๐Ÿ˜„.

Ogden to Mixenden Res.

A really poor start. Ogden Res isn't worth mentioning apart from a female Reed Bunting preening.  Mixenden Res: 1 each Tufted Duck, Goosander & Goldeneye , all drakes. The latter didn't hang around for the photo shoot. Tyto Alba, Singular, in the usual place. There was a heavy Police presence in Clough Lane. I told them I was a wanted man ๐Ÿ˜, they replied " I doubt it mate" ๐Ÿ˜ข

A Walk Around t'Top End

As anticipated the birdin were reet sparse. I didn’t need the binoculars at all as no Passerines were around apart from a few House Sparrows. 8  Lapwing, Jackdaws & Crows. 1 LBBG & several small gulls. Last but certainly not least 1 LEO .