Monday, 8 August 2022

Soil Hill To Scuzzersville

Quite a rewarding session all told; Ogden providing the most satisfaction. 2 juvenile RLP on Soil Hill top with a Sparrowhawk flying over Perspiration Rd. 3/4 Meadow Pipit  1 each Pheasant & Pied Wagtail, Swallows.

Ogden Water: 5 Curlew on the deck, 1 upstairs. 1 Oystercatcher ditto GC Grebe & Tufted Duck. 6 Cormorant.
1 Common & 2/3 Herring in with the LBB gulls. Judging by the screeching 2 Buzzards were about above the trees.

Approx 100 yards up the track from the promenade there was a fair bit of flitting from and over the woodland fence, Redstart being the star performer. Also 3 WW, 2 Blackbird, Blue Tit & Wren.
A Reed Bunting at Carrs Beck was the only bird seen. Further along the track I managed a very flighty Wheatear. 

A RLP adult with a well grown chick. I heard 4 distinct bursts of song I’ve not heard before in 99 and one half years of birding - not going there!
A fire was well lit in the Scuzzersville woods with 3/4 Scuzzers Brothers in attendance. Puleeze dont ask me where the Insecurity Guard was.